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Selected Lectures and Oration

1988 “Chromosoma Lecture”, Institute of Molecular Biology, USSR Academy of Sciences,Moscow.
1989 Symposium speaker at “6th Conversation in Biomolecular Stereodynamics”, Albany,NY, USA.
1991 Invited plenary speaker, “International Symposium on Synthetic Oligonucleotides:Problem and Frontiers of Practical Application”, Shemyakin Institute, Moscow,USSR.
1993 Symposium speaker, “8th Conversation in Biomolecular Stereodynamics”, Albany, NY
1996 Invited speaker, “2nd Indo-Japan Workshop and ACT IV Meeting” Japan.
1996 Invited speaker, “Human Genome Treaty Symposium”, Berlin, Germany.
2001 Invited speaker at an International Symposium on “Ethics, Intellectual Property and
Genomics” at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris.
2001 “Genome Research & Patenting in Developing Countries” in symposium on
Bioethics, Vienna, Austria.
2002 Rights & Issues relating to the “Genetic Resources of the Developing Countries”,
2002 Invited lecture in Bioscience Asia meeting on “Functional Genomics in Silico”, Taiwan.
2002 Lecture during the “India Day Celebrations” at Royal Society, London.
2003 “B. K. Bachhawat Oration”, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
2004 Invited talk entitled “Comparative Proteomics in silico for drug target identification”,
at 17th FAOBMB/IUBMB/A-IMBN Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand.
2005 BIGROC Lecture “Conservation and Variation: A Balancing Act in the Genome”at
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.
2005 Invited lecture at the Asia Biotech Forum 2005 at Kuala Lumpur entitled “Private-Public
Partnership in Genomics & Bioinformatics: An Indian Perspective”.
2005 Keynote address at the Workshop Health of Populations in the Mediterranean in the post
genomic era entitled “Predictive Medicine and Health Research in the Post Genomic
Era”, Tunisia.
2005 Invited talk at the HGM 2005, entitled “Conservation and Variation: A Balancing Act
in the Genome”, Kyoto, Japan.
2005 Invited talk at the 14th Conversation Albany, NY, USA.
2005 Invited talk entitled "Comparative Genomics and pathway modeling approaches
towards Novel Drug Target Identification" at International Symposium on
Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (ISCBB2005) in Tokyo, Japan.
2006 Invited talk at the session Genomics in Asia during the 2006 International Conference on
Genomics entitled “Genome Variation & Disease Genomics: the Indian Initiative”,
Hangzhou, China.
2007 “Indian Genome Variation Database from Complex Disease Perspective” at
McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.
2008 Invited talk at the Genesis Conference in London entitled “Can Open Source Drug
Discovery Address Global Healthcare Challenges in Infectious Diseases?”.
2009 “Open Innovation: A Novel Approach to Collaborative Research for Global Good”
at Swedish parliament.
2010 “Technology Based Applications for Development for the Benefit of the Masses,
Perspective of Government of India” at Washington DC, USA.
2010 “Knowledge Creation and Open Innovation for Global Good” at ASET Colloquium,
TIFR, Mumbai.
2008 “Human Genome Variome and Predictive Medicine: Hope & Reality” on the occasion
of the Foundation Day of Institute of Life Sciences, Hyderabad.
2010 Keynote address: “Genome Sequencing to Drug Discovery: An Open Innovation
Model for Global Collaboration” at the HUGO-OECD Symposium on Genomics and
Bio-economy, France.
2010 Plenary talk on “Open Source Drug Discovery: A Solution for Infectious Diseases”
at the International Conference on Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure,
Novosibirsk, Russia.
2010 “Tale of Three Cities: A Molecular Journey”, at Indian Chemical Society.
2010 “ Preparing for Leadership of Tomorrow” a Convocation Address at North Bengal
2010 “Positioning for Success: Leveraging the Power of Dreams, Commitment and
Perseverance” a Convocation Address at NIPER-Kolkata.
2010 “Open Source Drug Discovery: A New Paradigm” at TEDx.
2010 “Intellectual Property Protection vs. Investors Property Protection”, Confederation
of Indian Industry.
2011 “Open Innovation: A Novel Approach to Collaborative Research for Global Good”
on 15th Prof. Y. Nayudamma Memorial Award Lecture at Chennai.
2011 BigRoc lecture entitled “Open Source Drug Discovery”, Weizmann Institute of Science,
Rehovot, Israel.
2011 Keynote lecture at Cold Spring Harbor Asia conference on Protein Structure Based
Drug Design, Suzhou, China.
2012 'CSIR-India's Perspective of the Synthetic Biology Initiative & Strategy of
Computational Approach to Synthetic Design Principles' at ‘The first international
meeting on the Synthetic yeast genome, Sc2.0’, Beijing, China
2012 ‘Generic to Genomic Medicine in an Open Knowledge Economy’ at Mayo Clinic,
Rochester, Minnesota, USA
2012 ‘Open Source drug discovery as an innovative model for affordable healthcare for
all’ at 1st International. Conference for Study of the Commons at Louvain-la-Neuve,
2012 ‘Overcoming Obstacles: Mechanisms for Facilitating Financing and Coordination’
at DNDi symposium, New York, USA