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Invited Talks -Open Pharma Meeting, ECTMIH 2015, New York University and Columbia University

posted Sep 22, 2015, 3:34 AM by Geetha Sugumaran
01 September 2015 - "Could metformin be used for TB?" -at Second Open Pharma Meeting, Marburg, Germany 
04 September 2015  "Open Source Drug Discovery: From Genome Sequence to Lead Identification" at  Philips University Marburg
07 September 2015The Open Source Drug Discovery project at DNDi -ECTMIH 2015 at  Basel, Switzerland
10 September 2015Open Source Drug Discovery: a race to cure neglected diseases through crowd sourcing” at The School of Public Health and the School of Engineering, New York University 
11 September 2015- "Thirty Years of My Genomics Journey : Science, Technology and Policy" at 30th Annual Department of Genetics & Development Retreat , Columbia University